Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Dee Dee and pups

After my zoom tai chi class  and in between 2 business things.... one of which we had to figure out on a website ( success)and one a scheduled  telephone conference, I spent a few hours looking at this painting of my Dad and his skiperkees, ( Schipperke! )  which is hanging a few inches from my nose when I am sewing .  Looking right at those black dogs.     The old sewing machine lives on the landing of the 3rd floor, a bit inconvenient to use, but well lighted from the skylight in the daytime.  9 stairs up to my left is the roof deck.  To my right is the bedroom and bath ( where I have to plug in the machine with a extension cord).    My family (!) actually requested some masks so I found every bit of cotton fabric I haven’t given away and sewed  what I could.   ( extra, on the deck) 
But I did really really like  thinking about my Dad... this must be about 1980 or a little earlier.... Dee dee had at least 5 pups in their laundry room in Arizona.   I only got to see them when I visited but always enjoyed seeing him with them..... makes me happy to think of those times....  They had a Brittany Spaniel after this.   
Except for checking on a tree my next door neighbor is planting by our front door, I have not even been outside on this gorgeous gorgeous day.   But that is about to change as now we’re going out to pick up some takeout dinner... the restaurant nearby seems to be doing ok.  We like to do what we can.   Mostly it’s support of the food bank. 
 It’s all stressful. 

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