By isbi


I am feeling lucky today.

1. Being of a certain age, I was able to register for Priority Assistance with Woolworth's so could order online for pickup which my daughter in law kindly collected for us this morning. With her own large family to shop for I didn't want to add our groceries to her list.

2. When she delivered them we were able to steal a few minutes of conversation, at a safe distance, with our grandchildren :-)
I have given them a project to do. I found an article detailing positive things which have come out of previous pandemics: the end of the English Feudal system; Boccaccio's " The Decameron" and Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales"; "King Lear" was written while the theatres were shut; Isaac Newton pondered the theory of gravity while universities were closed; they stopped pouring effluent into the Thames during a cholera epidemic; chlorination of water was introduced to combat typhoid. 
So I'll be interested to see if they can come up with any positives which might come out of Covid-19.

3. We are so lucky to live in Australia. 
With less than 100 new cases yesterday things are going better than expected. But we have been urged to remain super vigilant over Easter or it could go the other way.
I do hope we start to see improvement in the other countries so badly affected and I fear for the less developed nations.

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