The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie

La Machine à Coudre

I did lots of sewing today. Sewing together bits of jacket lining, cutting out bits of jacket lining, and drafting the last of the pattern. In the opposite order. It's coming together well. I just have the side seams, sleeves, and hems to do, hopefully tomorrow. A bit of difficulty with the upper-collar not attatching properly to the back neck of the lining, but solved now. It was a problem with the front facing. Sorry, that was written in Sewingese. The lining is all different fabrics - the back in one fabric, the sleeves in another, and the front panels in a third. I was very lucky with my fabric amounts - for each of these, there was about exactly enough. I have a rather large fabric collection, so it felt nice to use some of it up.

Pi and I had a lovely long walk this morning, all the way up beyond the lake to the ford by the broken down stone wall and back down the other side of the river. The rapeseed oil flowers are just coming into bloom - such a wonderful bright yellow!

I haven't done a huge amount else today apart from sewing / cutting. I learnt how to use a beepy thing that tells you where the wooden beams are behind the plasterboard so that you can put shelves up that don't fall down, but I didn't do the actual putting up of the shelves. I did some drawing practice, mostly ink painting, which was fun. For some reason, watercolour classes seem to have made me better at ink painting.

We had Madhur Jaffrey's Kashmiri Koftas tonight. Meatballs. Only, they kind of collapsed, as homemade meatballs do, so it was lamb mince in spices with yoghurt and a bit much oil because the meatballs were meant to be pulled out the oil. Still tasty though, especially with black cardamom added. I am very bad for not following recipes, although this was the only change made tonight, or thereabouts.

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