Our New Life

By JandH

Lockdown Day 14 - The Extension Day

Today J and I were up and showered early, all dressed and ready to go to town. We placed an order yesterday with our local supermarket so we had to go and collect it. Kind of felt like a movie or TV series when the gatherers go out on their missions.
The supermarket staff were absolutely fantastic, we didn't even have to step foot in the shop, didn't have to get close to anyone.

The weather has been very cold and rainy today, so much so Oliver, our other fur baby, actually slept under a blanket for a while.... So I made the right decision to take out their igloo beds, I say right decision because for the first time ever they each got into a bed. As you can see Oliver was very snuggy in his igloo.

Today is called the extension day because the President of South Africa addressed us this evening and extended this COVID-19 lockdown for an extra two weeks. Which for obvious reasons brings a little stress but we'll look at the positive.... We have more time to grow our veggies and to learn more.

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