Life Savors

By osuzanna


I spent a little time in the backyard with the macro lens this afternoon. I find I am always a bit rusty in the spring when it comes to capturing insects so it was good to dust off the cobwebs and get into it again.  These are very tiny flowers on our Skip Laurel, and the sweat bee is even tinier.  

Every year for many years, our next-door neighbors have invited of to their Passover Seder.  Usually, there are 16-20 people and it is always memorable and the food delicious.  This year because of social distancing, he organized the Seder via Zoom.  My husband and I were skeptical figuring that Zoom would have a meltdown because every Seder in the world would be using the software, but it turned out to be absolutely brilliant.  We had 28 different locations from Seattle to Maine, DC to Florida and some 40+ people.  At one point, I grabbed an iPhone shot of our screen and hopefully I will be able to post it in the extras.  It was so wonderful and beyond anyone's expectations.  Just what we all needed. 

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