By 1bluebell

Day 24 Good Friday

It has been very strange today not to attend the Walk of Witness service in Church road or go to StJohns for the hour at the cross. However, we did watch the live stream of The Hour at The Cross on you tube this afternoon. Thought provoking and a quiet reflective service. Tonight we will watch and join in with our own church service on Microsoft Teams.
This morning we popped into Staines to get some bird food and some vegetable seeds. It was extremely quiet with no queuing and being allowed into the store as one person came out. It felt very strange to be out and very surreal.
Had the usual telephone call from Canada as Abigale ate her breakfast. She looks for grandad if he isn't here and today I had to go find him for her.
As today is generally flower friday hosted by Biker Bear here are my god buttonsin the very active pond

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