DAY 25 the wait

Easter saturday is an odd day. Friday has gone and Sundau has not yet come.
For us we would normally have gone to the garden centre but in lockdown theses not possible. I planted some cucumber this morning and was surprised to see they had started to shoot when I closed the green house tonight. Planted the early potatoes too an ddid more weeding in the veg patch
`today purchased a badminton set. I never could hit the shuttlecock. Maybe at the end of this I will be able too. Alan and i just fell about laughing.
We downloaded the  app HouseParty as we were asked to so we could watch Abigale do her Easter egg hunt along with Linda and Don aka nanna and papa and uncle jeff. Not a very successful first try. I could see linda and Abigale but they froze then I couldn't see Abigale and I never saw Don Or jeff. anyone have ideas. this is new to us
I decide to photograph all birds that came into the garden today. Vert unsusful as part from pigeons thee was only Mr Robin and one other which I cannot make out

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