Return to the North

By Viking

Good Friday

Another indoor blip today. I was put in the garden today getting the spuds ready for planting and setting veggie seeds but didn’t get out with the camera.

Yesterday evening I was at a virtual Maundy service and tonight Alness Baptist church ran a live Good Friday service on YouTube. I find Good Friday the hardest of the days of Easter as I think of the pain and suffering one human being endured on the cross and in what led up to Calvary. (Whether you believe in a god or not the human suffering is real) and so Ian always very moved by the Bible readings for today.
The cross here is the last thing my father bought for me before his death in January 2003 and the ring is my mother’s wedding ring which I was given by the nurse on her death on Christmas Day 5 years ago. Both symbolic in many ways but both are directly responsible for my faith developing (albeit a bit late in life) even though neither of them had a particular faith of their own.

Today feels like a dark day and I can’t really say why, although another thousand lives gone may be part of it.

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