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By Skip

A very special gift

I walked outside this morning to disinfect the mailbox and front doorknob. Crazy isn't it!!! Never in all my many years here on planet Earth have I considered disinfecting my mailbox and doorknob...not until Covid-19 became a factor in our daily lives; however, today disinfecting doorknobs was on my agenda.

When the front of the house came in sight, I was surprised to find a large package, addressed to me, sitting on the porch. The return address was from the state of Washington where I only know two people: Clare and Randy. Opening the box revealed the most beautiful bouquet of spring flowers that I have ever seen. Thinking about their thoughtfulness brings tears to my eyes. Spring is always a reluctant arrival here on the north coast. The cold waters of Lake Erie, which is within walking distance of our front door, makes sure of that.  Consequently,  very few flowers are blooming in my neighborhood. This sudden glimpse of spring brings happy tears to my eyes and a delighted smile to my face, as you can see from the reflection in the blip. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Clare and Randy, for this very beautiful gift. You are special friends.

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