Spaghetti Junction

Happy Easter to you all.

Had a lovely surprise. Found an ‘Easter elephant egg’ outside the door this morning. Left by a good friend. I suspected it was him, so messaged to ask if he’d left an elephant outside the door and he answered it was a bunny (I told him to go to Specsavers). Not vegan so Mr B can have the lot.

Beautifully sunny. Curtains closed. Very pleasant inside. Apparently a lot of people on the beach, many from London and elsewhere, Not being allowed to lie on the sand, but swimming is permitted.

So no doubt cases will increase over the next week or two, the rest of us will be confined home even longer. Just don’t get it. Why on earth the government didn’t close all the beaches, and take tougher action? Or perhaps I’m missing something.

Sitting in the lounge, have put the news back on. Mobile has been charging at Spaghetti Junction. Now well juiced. And my entry for. Admirer’s Silly Saturday.

Time to do my steps. Hope balcony isn’t too hot. Curtains swaying so seems there’s a breeze.

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