Spring Garden

Most were taken this morning before the sun got higher in the sky and the bottom right, magenta tulip this afternoon as it had emerged during the day.  Another very beautiful day which began with a trip to Penistone Market for 8am, where Andy, our greengrocer had already boxed up our order and one for our neighbours across the road.  He’s doing a roaring trade at the moment, so I do hope people don’t abandon him once this lock-down period ends.  I was back by 8.20 and ready for breakfast.

I’ve been clearing out the small shed today, hopefully with a view to buying a new one.  The present one has been in place for over twenty years and the boards at the rear are rotten, especially at the base.  Merv has been promising to patch it up for at least the last six months, but we seem to have been defeated by both rain and now this virus.  There is a part of me that sees replacing it as the most trouble free option as I’m sure we won’t feel much like doing it as we get a bit older.  (I watched my dad increasingly unable to deal with these kinds of things as he got older and he was a very practical man, an electrical engineer who was used to doing practical jobs himself - maybe that was the problem.)

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