Wearing purple...

By 60plus

Rusty spiders in the farmer's field...

...rather than spiders from Mars for the derelict challenge this week - thanks Marlieske...
Lunch in the garden, then we both had a stroll across the main road to take in the machinery graveyard - alpacas and skylarks en route, and very few people!

Suggestions for the Lockdown Top 10 keep coming - thanks folks! I may miss some, and there may be a bit of repetition, but enjoy the music ;) 

gblrps    Bat Out of Hell - Meatloaf

evolybab   Under Pressure - Queen

Cathy1947   Run Runaway - Slade

DollyDoug   Dr Beat - Gloris Estefan

MaryElizaR   Alone - Heart

Ingeborg    Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

youoregon    There Must Be Some Way Outta Here - Dylan

youoregon   The Best 50 Ambient Albums of All Time


Corona Classics

DollyDoug    Watermark - Enya

60plus    Rhapsody in Blue - Gershwin

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