And the same butterfly drinking deep from the bluebell in extras!
These are such skittish little butterflies that I was really pleased to be able to capture these images, so they had to be my blip!

I also had fairly satisfying shots of a bee-fly in flight but I'm hoping for another hit at these on another day - ideally with a better background!

Other than photographing flying things in the garden, I've spent much of the day melting chocolate to pour into animal-shaped moulds and baking and icing fairy cakes to make up a little Easter gift box for my granddaughters. Not going to the shops has meant that I have been unable to buy Easter eggs but hopefully they will enjoy eating my humble offerings :) I'm sorry that I wasn't able to do the same for my grandsons - unfortunately, they live too far away...... I must make up a little treat box for them when this season is all over!

I can't believe how excited I feel when certain food items come my way. My daughter-in-law was able to get a few 'luxury' items for me - ice cream, crème fraîche, salmon, avocados and Brie - I feel very spoiled :))

'I'm outta here' over in my b&w journal

Many thanks for everything for yesterday!

Have the best Easter you are able to, everyone!

Ann :))

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