Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Lockdown Day 20 - A Glorious Sunrise

Oh what a start to the day.  I woke (stupidly) early and headed out for a walk while the rest of the estate slept.  As I reached the edge of the countryside the mist and fog became apparent, coloured as it was by the first inklings of dawn light.  I made the decision to walk across the open fields to the rear of one of the local pubs; I'd seen plenty of dog walkers do this on previous occasions and didn't think I'd be in any trouble.

Well it was wonderful as the clouds were full of colour, framed by the trees on the hedge lines between the fields.  Then I came across a small group of red deer, mainly hinds and pricklings, a family group (see extra).  They were quite content to just stand as I took a few photos of them in the foreground with the amazing sunrise colours behind.  It's quite surprising how clear they are in the image considering it was a 1.6 second exposure!  They all kept staring at me while I got closer and closer, before they decided to head off into an adjacent field.

As the sun rose, I managed a few more photos, including the main image for this entry.  I didn't see another soul throughout my early morning walk.

Day Miles: 10.8 miles     Total Miles: 473.6 miles

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