Scout Scar

After the debate caused by my driving to Scout Scar the other day, today I walked here. It's about 5 km to where I took the photo on 28 March.  This shot was taken at my lunch spot. Don't tell the corona police but I did sit down here, at the 7km mark, and have a picnic before descending down a steep path into the valley.  A scenic walk back up the valley to our house which is one of the white dots in the distance. Extra shows the delightful and contrasting scenery in the valley. Total walk 13.5km. I've not walked this far since we were in Tasmania at Easter exactly 2 years ago and the longest walk to date on the new hip. 

Day 25
737 deaths in hospitals today taking the total over 10,000. The UK is still behind italy, Spain and France but catching up. The USA has more than 20,000. 
Boris is out of hospital and thanks 2 particular nurses for staying with him for 48 hours to keep him alive, one was from NZ and the other from Portugal.   He is now recuperating in Chequers. 

The statistics are showing  that ethnic minorities, black and asian are 1/3 of the patients in hospital but only 14% of the population   and men are  between 60 and 70% of the deaths. 

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