Egg hunt by remote control

Regular followers will know that our two children, despite having a combined age of 62, still adore an Easter egg hunt. So much so that when we haven't been able to get together at Easter we've postponed it, sometimes to as late as Wester, our very own bespoke autumn festival.

We thought we'd have moved out of this house by now so we'd planned a pre-Easter Egg hunt/farewell to the house for two weeks ago. But, as everyone knows, fate had other things in mind. So this morning B came up with a clever plan to do an Easter egg hunt via WhatApp. We parents hid the eggs in the garden then we had simultaneous video calls, one 'child' per parent, in which they could see the garden and told us where to go and where to get the phone-camera closer to a possible egg-hiding place.

And it worked! All eggs were found and the score was a pretty fair 11/9. 

I do hope we're not still here for Wester, though.

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