An evening stroll

I had a headache all day.
Mainly kept to myself.

I went to the shops in the morning and managed to get some Easter eggs, I wore my gloves, goggles and mask, I did get some other essential things as well, didn’t seem to be any tinned tomatoes or Pacato anyway but I did get purée and dolmio.
Max created a really fun Easter egg hunt for Zebedee, Gulliver and Erin, Erin is vegan and allergic to chocolate so I’ve got her some vegan snacks, shampoo and herbal tea, the hunt actually took 13 minutes and involves a lot of running up and down stairs!

We were all getting on each other’s nerves by this evening for various reasons which is inevitable in this weird situation, there are things that can be tweaked to ease tensions so I will try and talk to everyone tomorrow. Lockdown in Wuhan went on for 111 days and restrictions are still in place so we’ve got to try and get on LOL.

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