Wood Melick

Another day mostly spent in the garden, digging out more of the Great Bindweed and Couch before it got too hot to work. As it was Good Friday I baked some cranberry and orange Hot Cross Buns, which were enjoyed with a cup of tea in the garden. 

In the early evening I went for a walk round Thorpe Wood, where the woodland flora is reaching its peak. After a hot day, the whole wood was softly scented, the heady notes of bluebells overlain by the slightly musty sweetness of Midland hawthorn. My photograph shows one of my favourite grasses, Wood Melick - the flowers are just so elegant. This species is generally only found in ancient woodland (areas which have been continuously wooded since Medieval times) and locally it often grows on the remains of Medieval boundary banks.

Although we're not religious, we follow the tradition of eating fish on Good Friday. The younger generation ate theirs in the TV room, where they managed to rig-up an arrangement so that they could watch a film with a couple of their close friends. Apparently they had a very jolly evening!

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