By strawhouse

A Sad Day

Last day today. Look how sad we are!!!!
No pre-breakfast breakfast, no day full of adventure stretching out ahead of us, no cocktails, no unlimited ice cream from a Mr Whippy machine......
Just get off our ship now and go home.
It’s so cruel!!!
As usual we were the last off the ship. I don’t understand people’s rush!
We ate breakfast until the last minute, had a last wander round taking photos of the empty ship and then made our way off to find our luggage and car.
The luggage hall when we get there always makes me laugh (see extras) Our little bags, all alone in the middle of that vast space! We like to wring every last second out of our cruise. A couple of hours earlier and I suspect it’s bedlam in there. But I’ve never seen it like that and hopefully never will!
Annoyingly the car wouldn’t start when we got back to it. Totally dead. All the parking people had gone to deal with the new arrivals (who’s stupid idea is it to get off so late?!!!) so the car park was deserted. We rang the parking company number, no answer.
We may or may not be members of a Toyota roadside assistance plan. Words may have been exchanged!!!
Luckily we flagged down a random dock worker in a van who said he’d send someone back with jump leads. He did and just a short hour after getting off the ship we were in our way home!
Stopping in Bicester to collect Archie from my mum and dad’s. It was so good to see him!
He’s been fine, he loves a holiday at Nana and Papa’s!
Then it was back to reality. Stopping for milk and other essentials at the Co-Op on the way past.

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