By spannarama

Chilli baby!

A few days ago I suddenly remembered the chilli seeds I'd planted a few days before, and had completely forgotten to water :/  Glad I remembered when I did - and today it appears that it was in time, as, very excitingly, one of the little chilli babies has poked its head up out of the compost.  It's a strong one too - look at it power lifting that bit of wood chipping!  Extra excited to see this one, as it's a seed from a dried up chilli on one of our dead plants I threw away last weekend.  Hope the others follow suit soon.

Another fairly lazy day - but I did give my bike a clean this afternoon, as Tim was doing his too.  He also attempted to replace his chain and rear cassette, but was thwarted by the locking nut in the cassette.  He tried everything - with me helping occasionally - even building an impressive long handled spanner (by screwing the spanner to a long piece of wood) - but it was not having it.  Time to call the bike shop tomorrow....

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