While on my runs

By waipushrink

Day Twenty; We are TOGETHER in this

Another wet and windy night and morning. A couple of text messages from persons who had forgotten I'm on leave the rest of this week. A much needed break. Went to Farro (a food supermarket) for things I hadn't found in the big supermarket. A short wait only to get in, and they had what I wanted, except for baking powder.

Afterwards I took a walk into Grey Lynn Park and then back on the streets through Grey Lynn shopping centre (for mail at the PO Box) and back. A good walk and I saw some goldfinches, but before I could get a decent photo, they were chased away by a female blackbird. Why? I don't know.

On a wall beside the start of Surrey Crescent (off Great North Road) there is a series of mosaic designs celebrating many of the immigrants to this fair land. This one is the last of the series, and is an accurate statement of how (largely) the people are behaving; as a single community wanting to do right by each other. 

What we are doing seems to be working; for the third day in a row new cases of Covid-19 infection were below 20. The question now is how long after next Wednesday will we stay in lockdown. The Government has the strong support of the majority of the country, and I believe that an extension would not be opposed. PM Jacinda Adern and the Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield, between them have communicated clearly, fully and respectfully. They have brought everyone along. Together.

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