Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Cuckoo Flower

Haven't heard the cuckoo yet but there are swathes of lady's smock or cuckoo flower along the riverbank. Thank you to Miranda for hosting Wild Flower Week 

Another lovely morning when I set off to walk along the river to Kildean again. In order not to be out for too long I had to walk at a fair clip. Walking quickly suits me fine. Once I got round to Kildean I saw:

A hawk hovering then being mobbed by crows
My first swallow of the year
About 20 swans on different bits of the river
Homing pigeons flying home
Lots of beautiful wildflowers
And I heard skylarks high above.

Meanwhile Cameraman went to the supermarket for our weekly shop and I am so grateful to him for doing this task.

Now grearing up for family video chats at 1pm and 3:15pm with the grandchildren and at 2pm with the Community Council. We're trying a virtual drop-in.

The news on Covid-19 deaths continues to be very bleak. I hope that everyone is staying safe and well.

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