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Blipping daffodils: Part 1

I've been planning to take some pictures of the little patch of daffodils in our backyard. It is finally in full bloom, but I still haven't gone out there to take a single picture. Today, unfortunately, is windy and cold, and I was having second thoughts about going outdoors for a photo opp with the daffs. Before heading out the door, I decided to check with Alexa, my digital weather app. Our conversation went like this:

Me, to my digital assistant: "Alexa, what is the temperature outside"?
Alexa: The current temperature is 42 degrees.

Me: (Pausing to think about the weather) Hmmm..."
Alexa (continuing her weather report: The low tonight will be 32 degrees.

Me: (Continuing my internal debate)...It's cold and windy, but my daffs might freeze at that temperature. I've got to get those pictures now. Never mind what Alexa says about the possible freezing weather tonight.
So I (more or less) had the last word in our conversation. Decision made, I put on my winter jacket and hat, picked up my camera and walked out back to the patch of daffodils. That's where I got the daffodils for today's blip.

PS: Come back tomorrow for part 2 of this story.

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