By LornaL

April 15th 1940

Monday 15th April

The pocket battleship Admiral Scheer has been badly damaged, possibly sunk by HM Submarine Spearfish*.

British troops have landed in Norway, but it is not known where.

Germans are still hunting viciously for King Haaron and the Crown Prince. It sounds like the best traditions of the Civil War or the French Revolution.

Several more transports have been sunk.

Captain Warburton–Jee, who led the marvellous attack on Norvik fiord and sank three destroyers, was killed in that action*.

*Although reported at the time, this detail is incorrect. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Spearfish#Construction_and_career
**He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross and the Norwegian War Cross for his gallantry. See

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