By davidc

Wide Wednesday: Local Landscape

Freyjad is hosting Bobsblips's Widwed challenge this week, on the theme of "Local Landscape".

It was such a lovely afternoon that my Editor and I went on a bliphunt walk and decided that this old farm would be suitable for the challenge. We're lucky to live in the suburbs of Newcastle, only about 4 miles from the city centre, and yet this farm is only about half a mile from home. It's not quite as rural as it looks (there's housing estates and industrial premises not far away) but it's still lovely to walk through.

Turning the other way, at the same spot, we saw a couple of birds enjoying a snack amongst some newly sprouting crops in one of the fields (presumably there were some stray seeds for them to gorge on). They were quite a long way off, but fortunately I'd brought my long lens with me so captured the shot in the extra (in spite of the long lens I still had to crop it quite a bit). We've not yet got round to looking up what they are, so if anyone knows then please feel free to enlighten us!

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