It Is One Of Those Days

It is my birthday, and today’s Blipfoto is taken by Patricia who is preparing breakfast and who set the scene.

For those who enjoy my rabbit themed photos, the mug in the thumbnail does feature a Rabbit.

We had planned to take a train journey to Italy this September, but lockdown and a feeling of trepidation has postponed that to next year.

Our Italian daughter, Elisa, was working in Jordan for the UN, however, she and her husband, Joel had been flown out of Jordan and have arrived in the UK.

This is great news as Elisa is expecting a baby. They are self isolating in the house of a friend which is very wise, before staying with Joel’s parents.

Meanwhile our Multi-National son, "Agent Arthur", is working from his home in Edinburgh. His normal office is in Kiev.

He is now able to experience the joys of his new apartment which we designed and project managed.

Birthday Greetings are being received from friends and family around the world.

Herr Doktor H J Beyer, who is a retired atomic physicist, and who lives in a quiet splendid art gallery we designed for him nearly 30 years ago was first to make contact with an email sent precisely at midnight with a witty take on our proposed Italian sojourn.

The extra shows breakfast which consists of fresh brewed Italian coffee, Frittata Pecorino and Sheridan’s sausages from Ballater.

The Italian coffee is Lavassa, recommended by the Italian Priest who bought our house in Dunblane. Naturally we had extended it and it was actually the inspiration for H D H J to extend his house.

I understand that Mrs ”Dog" and Patricia have arranged a virtual cocktail party this afternoon at 5:00 p.m. via FaceTime.

I have just heard that my chocolate birthday cake has now been baked and awaits the application of the icing.

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