Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Don't Even Think About It!

This is my next door neighbours chimney pot. Suprisingly, we don't get a lot of gulls in this area. They perch on the chimneys occasionally but last year a pair nested down between the chimney and the roof. They fledged a couple of chicks but it was bit of a pain for us and Stuart, the householder, took his life in his hands just going to put the bins out! I'm surprised he hasn't put something up there in the intervening time to make it more difficult for them.

It's been another sunny day but still that chilly wind. Lady Marian's been praying for rain and it looks like she may be in luck tomorrow.

I'm trying to take a blip with each of those lenses I blipped the other day. For this one I've used the big old Nikkor f/2.8 80-200.

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