Day 25 Looking out

Today's theme is actually Looking Up, set by our host, Ingeborg and indeed I did look up to take this shot  of our not yet in leaf Robinia, but the addition of panels in PS Elements, make it look like a view through a window, possibly a prison window I thought.  Not having an especially good day as you might have guessed and it was not improved by hearing Dominic Raab come out and tell us that we would be in lockdown for at least another three weeks and really nothing else.  No hint of what an exit plan might look like as apparently we couldn't cope with that.  For some of us this means another three plus weeks of loneliness and isolation, quite possibly financial hardship, and for others by contrast, going to work as usual but being afraid as either it is not possible, or their employers won't assist them to, socially distance and keep safe.
In other news, I did finally manage to email completed spreadsheets to our accountant: hopefully he won't need to ask too many questions!

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