By Missycat

Day 26 Forget me Not

Not such nice weather today, rather cooler and just enough rain to irritate and not enough to give the plants the good soaking that they need.  Mr MC has carried on with the utility room project and I spent some time cleaning and dusting: the fact that our bedroom windowsills were covered with green and yellow dust shows just how much pollen there is in the air.
My bookkeeping is finished bar the certainty that the accountant will have a number of queries when he looks through my efforts.  I now have a great deal of paper that I could happily chuck, but of course the recycles centres are closed: not sure that I agree with a local councillor who stated early days that 'trips to the tip' were quite unnecessary!

The Son managed to get up at an unearthly hour to go to the special hour allotted to health workers at our local Morrisons.  The time had been advertised as 7am - 8am and he thought that he would be early, but no, they've changed it to 6am - 7am.  Not sure how many health workers are going to be able to manage that!
I managed to get into the garden during a slightly sunnier spell to get my Flower Friday shot and was pleased when a bee appeared on the Forget-me-Nots to make the picture a little more interesting.
No pic of the alternative flower today, not even a borrowed one, as she is with her father for a little while now.  Instead I have shots taken through glass, of two visitors to the water feature: not at the same time of course!
Many thanks to BikerBear for her continued hosting.

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