Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Tree Sparrow #45

A bit of a relaxing day in the garden. Couldn’t do too much as nowhere to put all the rubbish as green bin is full again. 

Today’s bird of the day was the tree sparrow - another new bird for me this year that we came across yesterday and not something I’d seen around here before. This little walk is proving to be very productive - we are finding new birds each time which is fab. 
So the cherry blossom will have to wait for another day. I need to blip it soon or it will be over before I get round to it.  

Just been out for the NHS 8pm clap and the whole street now comes out - it’s quite emotional really and shows a lot of respect for those key workers and NHS workers that are doing so much for the people of this country. Another 3 weeks of lockdown was announced today, but apart from not being able to go birding at our usual places, we’re not really finding it very difficult at all. I feel so sorry for those that have children and need to work from home, or those that are struggling financially due to loss of business or work. It must be very hard. 

Stay safe everyone and stay at home!

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