Abstract Sparkles

Anther unexpectedly hot and sunny day - all change tomorrow though!

Today was much more productive than yesterday - I got lots done around the house and even made soup and cheese scones for lunch :) Still no walk. My foot has been causing me some discomfort, so I thought I'd best not work it too hard. Maybe tomorrow..... (in the rain!) 

This evening, Mum and I went outside for the 8 o'clock clapping for all the heroes out there - we so appreciate them! It was good to see all the neighbours out and one of them set up background music and played her violin for all our enjoyment - so lovely of her! Of course, we all kept our distance from each other, staying close to our own homes, but there was a wonderful community spirit!

Today's blip for my b&w journal

Thanks very much for everything for yesterday's peacock butterfly!

Ann :))

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