By AH14


A busy day of 'house' stuff - new shower fitted, quotes for moss on the roof and gutter cleaning, previously undetected leak greatly exacerbated when water was turned off for shower fitting - and my wonderful plumber arriving within 15 minutes of my phone call who replaced a bit of pipe and fixed the leak! I am very grateful to all three men for their assistance!

I had to go into town this afternoon to pay for a holiday I will be going on with Mum this summer and swung by the bluebell woods to see how they were doing. They're just beginning to look lovely but will look even lovelier in maybe a week and with some sunshine, which has been totally lacking today.

My blip is of a flower head that dropped from my vase today - rather lovely, I thought! I would prefer to describe it as 'wondrous', rather than 'magical' (this week's theme)

Today's blip for my b&w journal

Thank you so much for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's kingfisher!

Ann :))

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