RIP Richard

Very late afternoon on a cold snowy day, took Luna for her walk in the forest above Ottobeuren as I had something I wanted to do in the Basilica when it ought to be empty.

By the time we finished, it was dark and I left her in the car with the boot open while I went to the Basilica to light some candles for Richard, a person who I have never met. On such occasions, something draws me to the need to do this "religious" thing although I have to admit I lost my faith many decades ago.

I lit a candle on behalf of his wife Annie, three more for each of the children and a short note in the Book of Remembrance. On 8th March 2016, I had lit a candle for him when I first heard the news that he had contracted Myeloma.

As I was doing so, the Basilica filled up for what was apparently a children's evening service and so I sat about for a while listening to some of the music. I filmed some of it & put it on Facebook. I have stopped using Facebook due to my fear they are abusing their power but as I needed to communicate this film, used it as an exception.

Luna was fast asleep in the car when I got back & hadn't been tempted to go for a wander.

Subsequently, no reports of a Corona outbreak in Ottobeuren despite all the people crowded together in the pews for warmth.

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