Gelbe Tonne

German for recycling bin which in our are is collected once a month, for plastics & tins. As I was driving out in the evening to do the dog walk and get our postal votes into the parish town hall post box for the 2nd round of postal votes only which close at 6:00 pm, took the container out to the road which is about 100m. Being lazy, often put the bin on the car towbar.

Today however I took Angie's car as mine is a bit dodgy if the strong arm of the law is about. Haven't seen any extra police presence but maybe even on a miserable Sunday, they may be patrolling.

Her car has a bit of a delayed brake and acceleration problem which cures itself after a few minutes, but I am not used to the procedure. drove to the gate, opened it & then after a minute or so, once the brakes worked, took off towards the village where I also had to deliver eggs to a friend. As the motor was not responding and anyway in no hurry and not another car in sight, didn't get above about 50/60 km/h.

At the friend's house, got out to get the eggs from the back seat & saw the bin still attached! I did laugh but hoped nobody had seen me. Took bin off, reversed so that I was heading in the way home, reattached bin and drove home again!

A bit of a laugh in these miserable times!

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