By USAHIhifriends

Please . . . release me, let me go . . .

This little guy must have fallen into this large blue bucket - and couldn't get out.   I'd heard scrabbling during the afternoon, and thought maybe it was a branch rubbing, or some such.   Went to bed after 1AM and heard it again - and had to go outside to investigate.  Used a flashlite and came back in for the camera when I saw him.  Very difficult to manage camera, flashlite, and be quiet all at once.    Once he agreed to pose nicely, I let him go back to the rock wall.

Today was my day for errands - and spent til early afternoon trying to get everything done.   Also my first day using the separate earlier hour for kupuna (elders), which didn't work very well as I had the wrong day at the first store I tried.   Costco had both paper towels and toilet paper.   Picked up cat food, and groceries, and take-out lunch and filled the tank.   Found it stressful going from store to store as each store had different rules.    Most stores were limiting the number of people inside, so some had long lines outside.   Whole Foods would not let you bring in and use your own bags, they gave you paper bags and no 15 cents/bag charge.   Times (grocery) made you bag your own if used.   Safeway checkout told me they would not touch any brought-in bag (literally) and charged the 15 cents for paper bags per usual.   By this time, most stores had perfected their entrance lines and were wiping down carts and baskets at the door.  Still no dishwashing soap.

Morning newspaper headline :  STATE EYES PAY CUTS
Gov. Ige's plan to cut state workers' wages 20% runs into political and union pushback.  He says the state faces an emergency, and likely will need to cut state spending by $1.5 billion during the next 15 months.  His plan would impose a 20% salary cut on most public employees including teachers as early as May1, and a 10% cut in pay for first responders such as police officers, firefighters, nurses, and EMTs.         How demoralizing for those working so hard on the front lines.

And :  Officials investigate 6 virus clusters.
COVID-19 cases climbed by 13 to 530 on Wednesday.   The Pride of America  cruise ship, docked at Aloha Tower has 7 infected crew members.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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