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Ti shoots

A lazy day, just watching the plants grow  . . . .

Morning newspaper headline :  STATE NOT SET TO REOPEN
Hawaii doesn't meet federal guidelines to lift quarantine orders by May 1
(Let's not be hasty!)

And,  Mayor outlines modification to 'stay-home' directive
The Mayor has laid out his four criteria that would lead to modifications of the current "stay-at-home" order.   
First, would be if the number of confirmed cases continues to decline and stays down for 14 days, while testing in the community continues.
Second, whether Hawaii has sufficient personal protection equipment for all health care workers and first responders.
Third, a well-established system for contact tracing should be in place so that those who test positive for the virus can be isolated.  There should also be designated facilities where those with the virus can be cared for if they do not need to be hospitalized.
Last, but not least, Honolulu residents would have to continue practicing social distancing and continue wearing nonmedical face masks to help stop the virus' spread.  He believes we'll be wearing masks for a long time.   And people would have to refrain from hugging or shaking hands, as well as congregating together.
Also, any easing of the order would take place incrementally.

Stay well, stay inside, and take care, everyone.

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