By dunkyc

Pop up stop

Potential banana skin today with the children being back with me and also having to work.

I seem to remember uttering the words “I’ll take them on a Friday, it’s usually pretty quiet…” only to find that I’ve had my busiest day so far this week!

In between an unofficial deep dive of my private archive of photos from productions past and dealing with an endless stream of calls, some work has been carried out as planning continues for the post-Covid approach.

Whilst not exactly rocket science, it does require some thought, so how do you create space for that process with two small people chipping away at you for, well, everything?

The £20 I spent/invested on this pop-up tent some years ago, had already been earned back over several years of fishing trips on Coniston, but today, I think I returned I finally returned a profit on it . Whilst on a call, the tent was popped back into life, filled with a couple of sleeping bags, cushions, food and children and lo, it came to pass that I was able to retrieve some head space.

They are now happily bedded in under canvas and when I looked out last, I saw that m’boy was reading to his little sister.

I almost feel bad for eating his Easter egg.


Stay healthy.

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