Day 31

Could do better would’ve been on my report . His ears are too big, his arm is wonky, and I made a few mistakes in the way. This is frontline bear done in the colours of the theatre nurse, her grandma, for AHS . the American patterns are hard to follow at times , not being as clear as the English ones. Hopefully paramedic bear will look better now I know what I am doing .
Just read this morning and ironed the aprons from yesterday and took back to the church where we met several people and had a conversation whilst social distancing.
Listened to the devotional from Spring Harvest in bed again this morning.
Think we are getting lazy. Saving lots of money whilst not going to Costa for a coffee.
Well done to the 99yr old veteran for raising all that money for the NHS and to the 90 something lady who is climbing her stairs to do the same.

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