By Ingeborg

Purple flag

Last night a new Bloomon bouquet arrived and this time it's mainly purple and deep dark red. Very difficult to capture well , the camera has great difficulties with these colours. The real colour is more somewhere between deep dark maroon and dark purple. For Flower Friday with thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting.

Today the dark reality of son and Fumiko's situation was again a bit too much for me, I just can't concentrate on anything. They and we are hoping that Fumiko's current short pass visa for Singapore will be extended on humane/medical reasons, but with the lockdown because of the second wave of the virus in Singapore all governmental institutions are closed and only deal with emergencies online and their situation is not one that fits in any online form. Time is of the essence because there are only two weeks left before her visa expires. A temporary job is totally hopeless to find in these times. Fingers crossed that the authorities will be kind.

The appropriate lockdown top 10 song for my today's mood: Seal - Crazy

Thanks very much for all the Abstract Thursday entries and thank you for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's Blip

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