Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

A little bashful!

There are several flowers blooming on the Camellia now ..... I thought this one looked rather shy! :-)

Thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday :-)

Hubby has been driving the town service bus today ....... he said it looks as if the people of Boston think the lockdown is over! The car parks were about full .... with some queuing to find parking in town! There were people everywhere .... he said it looked like a 'normal' day! Who knows where they all thought they were going as most of the shops are still closed!

He has even had to leave people behind when there hasn't been room on the bus! At present they are limiting numbers so that social distancing is observed! We must be living in the Twilight Zone!

Hubby will be on 3 weeks furlough once he finishes his shift today. He says it can't come soon enough ...... it has been really stressful for him trying to get people to keep their distance! Round here the message just doesn't seem to have got through to some people!

Hope you all have a Tigger-tastic weekend .... stay safe :-)

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