Making Rainbows

First drops of rain for weeks
grow into a welcome downpour
till I almost hear the garden drinking.

No hint of sun in the sky
means no chance of a rainbow.
So I crochet my own.

When my children were small
they laughed at my huge zip bag -
at its label - Oddments of Yarn

but now it's come into its own.
I'm pleased I kept all those odds and ends
now my rainbow hangs in the window.

© Celia Warren 2020

The anthurium is the latest to have opened on my plant in the bathroom, and there's another tiny bud beginning to uncurl. The rain encouraged me to stay indoors and crochet a rainbow to hang in the window. I wasn't sorry to see rain today, as it's saved me having to water all my pots and seedlings. As long as the sun returns tomorrow, as promised ...

Weekends don't feel very different from weekdays at present, but have a good one, blipmates.

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