By Colgaize82


Being the mother of an eleven year old, I’m receiving a fast-track education in how to be cool.

I’ve been introduced to the concept of ‘visco’ (drinking from a hydro flask; wearing a vintage scrunchie in your hair & having an eco conscience) and I’m told I fulfil each criterion; I’ve also been taught quite a few ‘tiktok’ routines (I’d love to know how my daughter knows these, since there’s zero chance of her having this app on her tablet any time soon) and recently, I’ve been introduced to the ‘Memoji’.

This is (as far as I can see) a kind of avatar & I’m wondering if it reflects back to you what your deepest inner desires most want to see- much like that mirror in the secret room in the first Harry Potter book...

Anyway, I received this picture from my daughter when she was away from me the other night and I shall now outline my thoughts about it below...

Things I love about the picture:
- I have HUGE doe eyes!
- My hair looks fabulous!
- I’ve got a teeny waist!
- I’m wearing my comfy Mum jeans & flipflops.

Things I dislike:
- it’s encouraging my impressionable 11 year old to think that’s the image of the ideal woman.
- It’s making me desperately want to try to cling onto my youth!

For the latter point, I shall admit; that ship has sailed and I’ll resolve to grow old gracefully.

In the meantime though, I might just send it off as my headshot to the casting agent of Disney Pixar studios- I might be just what they’re looking for!

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