By Colgaize82

Keeping Going

I love photos such as this one. The order and structure found in nature always mesmerises me and scenes like this help me to channel my energy and focus.

I took this the other night, when I needed to head out onto the fell side and reset. I’d been feeling anxious about something that feels pretty far out of my control at the moment and this evening, I’m lumbered with that same feeling; a tight chest and churning stomach. It’s not nice.

It will pass, I know this; tomorrow is a new day but for now, I’m reminding myself to keep breathing and focus on the positives. Looking at this & the photos of the beautiful sunset that I took at the end of that lovely and very healing walk/jog/skip/dance (I had my music with me) the other evening will contribute nicely to the healing process of this evening.

A good book, a cup of tea and some lavender oil might help, too.

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