By soozaday

Time and Again

No, I did not go out today. Maybe that should be yes, I did not go out today. One thing’s clear, I didn’t have to put on a mask. The photo is from yesterday, pre-twist; the processing is from today.

I dreamt ExtraDays and I were driving on complicated San Francisco streets, and then we were in a big mingling crowd waiting for a sweet deal to get on a cruise ship. Our purses got pickpocketed. It was a set-up. Lost our phones and credit cards. Just as I was about to yell out a warning I realized I didn’t need all this stress and woke up. Make of that what you will. I loved the part where I could just wake up and be done with it.

I didn’t move much all day. A shuffle from here to there, there to here. Didn’t really sleep, wasn’t really present. If you want to see my foot it’s in the Extras.

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