We didn’t go out at all yesterday - well, I went out into the garden for about 5 minutes, but I mean really “out” - and I wonder if we need to get out for our walk whatever the weather as we are both feeling a little lethargic today.  

Mr. HCB has just gone out to do some work in the greenhouse, but it’s cold and wet this morning, so I don’t think he will be out there for too long - I was right - be was back within five minutes and said it was only 10C in there, so I think he will be starting his new birthday jigsaw puzzle.  Actually if it's that cold, I don't think we will be going out - in fact, we still have the heating on!

As we probably won’t be going out today, I thought I would put my warm, polar bear jammies on and then I began to think that I could do a selfie for Silly Saturday.  A couple of weeks ago, I ordered some wool from Lovecrafts, a company I can thoroughly recommend, and when it came, this envelope whispered “Don’t throw me away, you could use this for a Blip!”  

So here am I, relaxing in my recliner chair, watching Saturday Kitchen Live - something I have never watched before, and being joyful - I have to say that the selfie stick has come in very useful again and I am so glad I treated myself to this.

It is hard to stay joyful in these present circumstances, but we are doing our best.  I have just had a text from our next door neighbour because she saw our paper bins outside the door and wondered if we were OK - so it’s things like that that make us feel grateful and joyful.

“Joy does not simply happen to us.
     We have to choose joy
          and keep choosing it
               every day.”
Henri J.M. Nouwen

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