An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The look of love...

Well the day got off to a good start.

Up at 8am to overcast skies but sunshine was forecast and it did indeed make an appearance later on.

D and I were in in the pool by 8.30am and within a minute of feeling the warm water (37 degrees...lovely :-) wash over me, weary bones, tight muscles and aching joints began to relax.  David swam whilst I did some exercises the physio taught me last year.  After half an hour D got out and I had the pool to myself (yay! :-)  I pool walked for half an hour, made much more enjoyable by listening to a favourite playlist, then more stretches before finally relaxing and floating for five minutes before getting out and heading back upstairs to get showered. 

When I came back downstairs Alan was watching tv.  We had a chat and the conversation strayed to one of his favourite ladies and I asked him if he loved her...this was the result.  A big smile meaning yes, a self conscious smile meaning damn! I give myself away, and a shy smile meaning oh well, not telling you anything you didn't already know! :-)))  FYI, LeeAnne is the person responsible for all the half-naked tasteful lady posters in his room.  You can see why he loves her! :-)))

Painted a little bit this afternoon and David popped to the Coop, as for some reason, I only ordered one carton of milk on my Tesco delivery.  

Had my weekly call with John and Norma.  Missing them so much.  They are doing fine and Norma informs me they are doing Mr Motivator's work out every morning.  Oh I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see that...two octogenarians doing Whip the Horse! :-)))

Skype call with Esme this afternoon.  Lockdown doesn't appear to be having any negative effects on her.  Eighteen months old and she was busy cutting the grass with her bubble mower, playing with a red balloon, helping her dad extend the patio and finally sharing a cookie with me.  Well I got to watch her eat it.  Think she got the better end of that deal!  

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