By TheOttawacker

Scientist at work

Poor Ottawacker Jr.
Left to his own devices and deprived of television (mostly), he has had to find ways to amuse himself while his parents struggle to combine a life in lockdown with a life as a home educator with a life as a full-time employee with the life as a human being.
Fortunately, the boy is resourceful.
Today, he decided he was going to be a scientist. Completely off his own bat, as my acquaintance with science is minimal. Well, it was.
So he decided, following yesterday’s snowstorm to find out what would happen if all of his cars got stuck in an ice floe. All of the ice was removed from the trays in our fridge-freezer, in its place were put Corgi cars, all of which were then covered with water and then replaced in the fridge. The results were spectacular. And Ottawacker Jr. was delighted with the results, which are now being written up and sent to Science for publication.
However, it also meant, sadly, that the ice for my evening apéritif contained car parts, but as it was all in a good cause and I had managed finally to break the back of the horrific translation I was doing, I was perfectly happy to have a Gin and back axle and a whisky on the front wheels. One must support one’s child through these difficult periods.
Becoming a scientist, indeed – my God, the family will never live it down.

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