Free as a bird

By freebird

A riot of red

Tulip 'Van Tubergen's Variety' is a riot of red on the patio. When the sun is out they open out fully like this but close up in the evening. Tulips are fantastic at this time of the year. Must plant more in the autumn for next spring. 
Do a quick FaceTime with my son N. All is well with him in London although I worry because there's much more virus down there but he's following all the guidelines.
The Prince of Wales, Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock all have the virus. Why are we the only country which has people at the top with it? Perhaps they didn't take it seriously early enough...  should we have really stepped up testing like they have in Germany?
Things seem to be stabilising in Italy, thank goodness, although the cases are rising like crazy in the US.

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