Gardening In The Sun

Sunday is a sunny day and it is very pleasant to be outside.

I am gardening, by which I am conducting a war on brambles. Some of these things are 6 metres long and have to be cut up into smaller sections to fit into the wheelie bin. They will be taken away to be recycled.

Meanwhile Pat is busy cutting various tin cans and other containers into usable materials for sculptures and enjoying the sun.

The soundscape sounds very much like an episode of The Archers of which I confess I am a lifetime fan.

Occasionally a motor cycle will let rip up the road at what has to be a velocity in the three figure region.

My mobile phone service has given me an "extra" of six months subscription to Disney as well as increasing my data allowance  by a factor of 12 for the same payment.

Mildly surprised at the range of programmes which comes under the Disney Banner.

I load the Disney App on my iPhone and after a few minutes or so it has loaded onto my iPad and our Apple TV.

I guess we can work our way through Star Wars, Frozen, and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as the National Geographic Channel and other Goodies.

The weather looks set to be similar for the next fortnight, so quite a bit can be done in the garden.

Because I am "Shielded" and Pat does not drive, we have washed the two cars and I have both cars on trickle charge to keep the batteries in tip-top condition.

Effectively, the cars are in seclusion as well.

Mildly surprised to read that the Westminster pundits are suggesting that we may not be allowed to leave our home and the policies until an effective vaccine against the virus has been approved.

Today’s Blipfoto is the sun being "shielded" by our Biggest Beech Tree.

Apple have announced a new iPhone SE with an amazing specification at a very low price.

I have ordered one, before Apple realise what they have done.

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