On Being Deconstructed

Another fine sunny day with just a cool edge to the East Wind.

Early sunshine encouraged me to rise early and by 8:00 a.m. I had already achieved 50% of my daily step target.

After breakfast, we spent the morning in the garden. I took the lawnmower for a walk and Pat sat in the sun deconstructing tin cans of various shapes and sizes for her tin sculptures.

The pharmacist delivered our latest supply of medication followed by Amazon delivering car polish. Mildly surprised that the car shampoo was not delivered at the same time.

Each delivery is made by drivers who fully understand what 2 metres distance is. Most stand 5 metres away from the door or from me and leave the goodie bag on the ground.

Good for them and for us.

Today’s Bliofoto is of Pat planning a painting of my good self but deconstructed. Should be interesting, I think. 

By lunchtime I had exceeded my daily total. By lunchtime I had given up how many times I had washed my hands. Our consumption of soap in various forms has risen dramatically.

Tomorrow is the shopping delivery day. More "shielding messages" are delivered by text and many more conversations take place with friends and relations.

So many laughs are generated by the humours visuals on Facebook.

Finally, I have been asked to write something for the Former Pupils of School Magazine.

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